Drainable Dewatering Bulk Bag

Dewatering Liners, Bags and Filters

Disposable Filtration Products Used in Waste Containers for Liquid and Sludge Separation

Clean It Up  Dewatering Liners, Bags and Filters  and more are a simple solution to the tough problem of separating liquid from sludge when used with waste containers. Stock sizes available for immediate shipment or custom sizes can be manufactured to your specifications. Easy installation takes only a few minutes.

Call or email us with details of your Dewatering Application, 
we’ll work with you on the best solution for your specific job.


See Dewatering And Drainable FIBC Bulk Bag Solutions

Filter and Dewatering Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Fill Rack

Bulk Bag Fill Rack

Clean It Up Offers Specially Woven Bulk Bags For On-Site Draining and Dewatering  Applications In Low Cost Haul Away Bags

Specifications Example for just one of our standard or custom bag products:

  • Model: CIU-BB653-U-53
  • Size: 35x35x35″ Woven PP bulk bag,
  • Weight: 5 oz Uncoated fabric Amoco weave
  • Type: Duffel top & Plain bottom, U-Panel,
  • 4@10″ lift loops, 2205# SWL, 5:1 SF

Product Notes: This bag weave is different from other bulk bags we offer. During the production weaving process, the weave tape is twisted and this opens up the woven PolyPropylene to allow faster drainage during dewatering applications.

For your specific application. Test and evaluate one or more bags to determine that this will meet your requirements.

See material specification sheet

for this specific in stock bag

Fork Lift Bag Lifter

Fork Lift Bag Lifter

Bulk Bag Safe and Effective Handling

The Drainable/Dewatering BulkBag shown above is rated at 2205 lbs. with a 5:1 Safety Factor. Much has been written about safe handling of really heavy bulk bag loads.

One of the methods of safely moving partial or fully loaded bulk bags is the use of fork lifts fitted with lifting racks as shown here. there are standard lift racks as well as custom designed for specific application needs. Matching the rated weight of the bag to the right fork lift rack is an excellent element of safe handling. Contact us with your specific or special  requirements.

For further details on safe bulk bag handling, visit:  How To Safely Handle Bulk Bags


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