Our Satisfied Clients

We believe we have satisfactorily served every type of company in North America.

  • Production Facilities
  • Oil Refineries
  • Oil Distributors
  • Petrochemical Production Facilities
  • Governmental Operations
  • Cities (small to very large)
  • Counties
  • States (individual Departments)
  • Federal (individual Departments)
  • U.S. Congress
  • All Branches of the Military
  • Military Contractors
  • Environmental Firms
  • Industrial Consultants
  • Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities
  • Hazardous Waste Transporters
  • Semiconductor Plants
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Retail Sellers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Landfills
  • Food Producers
  • Food Flavor Companies
  • Janitorial Supply Firms (smallest to largest)
  • Cement Producers
  • Sand and Gravel Companies
  • Aircraft Fueling Companies
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Mining Companies
  • Pipeline Construction Companies
  • Energy Producers
  • Universities
  • Manufacturers of almost all types
  • Selected Companies in International Markets
IBC Storage
IBC Storage

What Clients Say

  • We wish all our suppliers handled their business with us this efficiently. Major Chemical Company
  • You’ve been an enormous help throughout this entire process. Automotive Mfg.
  • The products are of the quality we expect, delivered in the time frame we expect and the entire transaction is smooth. Hazardous Waste Transporter
  • The products performed beyond the competitive brands we tested. Military Branch
  • You’ve been courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. Major U.S. City
  • You stuck with us over these many months as we tested and researched the best solution for our customized application, and in the end, the solution is, and was, perfect. U.S. Producer of very special components.
  • Your knowledge, technical information and expertise are what we needed to help us find what worked best for us. Municipal Water Facility

One of the clearest measures of customer service is the rate of return of goods purchased. We average about 1 per year total, and the most recent was from one of the most successful automotive dealer groups in North America. The product was returned to our stock and the correct one was delivered to the complete satisfaction of that group. A follow-up call was made and the customer expressed appreciation at how the complete transaction was handled from initial call to after delivery use. The replacement product was precisely what they needed.

Until the Client has used or consumed our products and are completely satisfied, the transaction is not complete!