Safety Storage Cabinets for Every Space

Our Safety Cabinet features include: Reinforced double-wall construction with 1 1/2″ air space on sides, top, bottom, back and doors, Lead-free, high-gloss, baked on power coat finish, Continuous piano hinges, Ground connection, Four adjustable galvanized leveling legs, Trilingual warning labels, 2″ raised leakproof sill, Adjustable galvanized steel shelves that hold 350 lbs., Internal and external welded construction, Two 2″ internal vents with fire baffle and cap, Flush mounted door handle with key lock, Three-point latch system, 4 3/4″ centers for shelf brackets, Self-latching doors, Constructed of 18 gauge steel, Available in 2 to 110 gallon sizes. Manual or Self-closing.


Acid & Corrosive Safety Cabinets: Acid and Corrosive Safety Cabinets for use in storing small containers up to 5-gallon capacity of flammable and non-flammable acids and corrosive liquids.

Cabinet Accessories: Include metal shelves, poly tray kits, shelf dividers, poly trays, dolly carts, wheel kits, self-closing adaptor kits, cabinet ramps, binding wires, vents, faucets, and replacement parts.Drum Safety Cabinets.

Combo Cabinets: Combos are compliance solutions for the handling and storage of flammable liquids. These combos cabinets are filled with our market leading 5 gallon Type I Safety cans with F-15 Funnels and makes it easy to make one purchase to meet your complaince needs.

Drum Safety Cabinets: Drum Storage Safety Cabinets keep 55 gallon drums close to your work area and safely contain flammable liquids or hazardous waste.

HAZ-MAT Safety Cabinets: HAZ-MAT Storage Safety Cabinets keep 55 gallon drums close to your work area and safely storage hazardous waste

Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets: Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets are FM approved cabinets for safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans. These cabinets include all the features of other Eagle cabinets and are available in red and yellow with additional shelves to maximize storage space. Capacity is based on the number of 1 gallon paint containers the cabinet will hold. Meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 Specifications. Self-closing models meet UFC 79.

Paint & Ink Tower™ Safety Cabinets: Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets are FM approved cabinets for safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans.

Pesticide Safety Cabinets: Pesticide Safety Cabinets provide needed protection for companies who specialize in lawn care, golf course management, agricultural interests or who handle and store pesticides and poisons

Quik-Assembly™ Modular Poly Cabinets:  A completey new line of Modular Quik-Assembly™ Poly Cabinets ideal for lab or industrial settings. Made of heavy-duty High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these models can be assembled in minutes without tools.

Self Closing Adapter Kits: Self-Closing Adapter Kit for 15, 30 and 45 gal. Eagle Safety Cabinets.

Standard Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets: Keep flammable liquids near work areas in Eagle Safety Storage Cabinets. All are constructed of 18-gauge steel. Sides, top, bottom, and doors are double-walled with a 1 1/2″ air space between walls. Both vents, with 2″ threaded fittings, have fire baffle and cap. Cabinets come in yellow high gloss powder finish with red warning, plus grounding attachment, 3-point key lock, and 2″ raised, leakproof door sill. Each shelf is adjustable, supported by 4 brackets, and can support 350 pounds. All Eagle metal cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements.

Tower™ Safety Cabinets: Tower Safety Cabinets include all the standard features of the Eagle Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets, but have the added benefits of 4″ adjustable legs for placing cabinets over floor or wall ventalation, for providing easy cleaning under cabinet, for protecting the cabinet in areas where floor mositure is a concern, and for moving with a forklift or pallet jack. Meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA specifications

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