Build A Custom Spill Kit With Just What You Need

Get the perfect Spill Kit for your application.

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our selection of pre- packed Kits, we’ll be glad to build one to your specifications. Answer 5 simple questions (at right) to help you choose the type and quantity of sorbents you require, the accessories to make the response safer and the container that will work best with your choices. There’s no extra charge for this service, so it’s an easy way to customize your spill response plan and stock only the sorbents and PPE you really need. After you’ve made your list, contact Clean It Up and we’ll do the rest!

1. How much do you need to absorb?

What is your worst-case scenario? You’ll need enough sorbents to clean up the maximum amount, whether it’s one gallon or one hundred.

2. What liquid are you absorbing?

For multiple everyday liquids, use Universal. To soak up oil and repel water, choose Oil-Only. To alert workers to a dangerous spill, use HazMat.

3. What type of spills do you deal with?

Slops and spills use pads for quick wiping and cleanup. Drum/tank leaks need more socks for diking and Plug & Dike epoxy to stop the flow. Large-volume spills require booms for containment and pillows for sorbency.

4. What type of PPE and accessories will you need?

Most spills call for boots, gloves and goggles. Will you need coveralls? How much chemical protection do you need? How often will you have to replace disposable items?

5. What type of container will you need?

For removing saturated sorbents, use a UN-rated Overpack/Salvage Drum. Stationary Kits can go in a flat-bottom Overpack. Movable kits require a
kaddie or wheeled overpack.


Kits can be matched precisely to your Specific Spill Contingency Plan

Wipers in Spill Kits

Spill kit contents selected from a broad range of spill response solutions that your contingency planning calls for can cover a lot of products.

The addition of wipers can serve as an add-on accessory that compliments spill response capabilities very well.

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