IBC | Tote Spill Containment and Control Systems

IBC Contain and Cover

IBC Contain and Cover

Providing one of the most complete ranges of IBC | Tote spill protection available.

Example: The spill unit shown on the left has a 16,000 lb. weight capacity, allowing for double stacking of IBC containers, preventing unwanted spills in tight spaces. The large 400 gallon containment capacity keeps your facility in compliance with EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations.

A full array of polyethylene and steel containment available for practically any application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose one IBC Spill Pallet type over another in the product lineup?
If you have a need for a larger sump capacity or a greater weight capacity, then we have options to address the needs of your application. Please callus to discuss specifics.

I may need a lower profile?
We do offer lower profile models

How large of an IBC can I store on the IBC spill Pallets?
According to the Federal Regulations (40 CFR 264.175), you can store an IBC with a capacity of up to 400 gallons. However, local regulations can be more stringent so it is important to contact your local authorities to ensure compliance.

Are the IBC spill pallets forkliftable?
That will depend of the specific model, we do offer models with built in forklift pockets. Please call us for specific details on specific models for your application.

What is the IBC Spill Pallet made of?
Our pallets are made of 100% High Density Polyethylene which provides superior chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance.

Can you stack two IBCs on top of the IBC Spill Pallet?
We do have a model built specifically for combined weights up to 16,000 lbs. It is strongly recommended that local and Federal regulations be reviewed to ensure compliance with containment capacity requirements.

Are drains available ?
Yes, you can order our IBC Spill Pallets either with or without a drain.

Can the IBC Spill Pallet be used outdoors?
Our IBC Spill Pallets are made of 100% high density polyethylene so it won’t rust or corrode. It also has UV inhibitors so it will last for many years in the sunlight without degrading. HOWEVER, the biggest consideration for using an IBC Spill Pallet outside is rain. If the sump is filled (even partially) with rainwater, it has lost or reduced its capacity to capture a spill from the IBC that’s on top of it. There are a few ways to address this issue:

Place the IBC and the Pallet somewhere where there is a roof/shade or some other form of overhead protection to keep the rain and elements out. We do offer options for addressing specific issues in each facility and application. Call us to discuss the specifics, we will work with you toward the best possible solution specifically for your facility requirements.

Can the IBC Spill Pallet support an IBC that has pedestal posts for legs, or are they designed just for flat bottom IBCs?
Our IBC Spill Pallets are for use in uniformly distributed loads. An IBC that is supported by pedestal post or feet focuses all of its weight on those feet. If the dimensions of those feet are not large enough to properly displace the weight on the Spill Pallet’s grating, it could be an issue. As a precaution, steel plates (at least 12″ x 12″) can be used under the feet in order to more evenly distribute the weight over a greater area. If you have any concerns about your IBCs weight, please contact us at 1.800.684.1347

Examples of Containment Types

Double IBC Contain
All Poly IBC
Double Black IBC Contain
IBC Plus Pouring
Double Stack IBC Contain
Two Tank IBC Contain
Single IBC Contain
Single IBC Outdoor Contain
Twin IBC Hardtop
Portable IBC Contain
Steel IBC Spill Pallets
Modular IBC Spill Pallet

  Keys To Selecting An IBC

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