At Clean It Up we work jointly to develop  strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to interact collaboratively to find best available technology solutions to operational challenges. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how we can help and serve  your business.

 Challenge: A global chemical producer experienced plant shutdown due to leaking rail tank cars, a hazardous materials situation potentially costing millions.

Plant engineers calculated the plant could be back up within days if the right equipment were located.

Solution: On Saturday, engineers learned of Clean It Up and made contact, extensive discussions ensued. Within an hour a package of product solutions were emailed, backed up with product technical data sent overnight..

On Sunday and Monday, plant engineers evaluated the proposed solution, an on-site rail spill containment system and approved the buy. On Tuesday the system was air freighted, then trucked to the site, in addition one of our engineer experts was also dispatched to the site and installation began.

Result: Within forty eight hours the system was in place, the plant was again operational and the system continues to provide secondary containment should the situation arise again.

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