Horizontal Drum Stacking Systems

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Dispensing, Containment and Stacking System – an ideal solution for storage and dispensing of chemicals and solvents while keeping your work areas free and clean of environmental contamination and spills.

Used in combination with our spill containment platforms. this product set meets EPA Secondary Containment storage requirements (40 CFR 264.1751)

All components are 100 percent High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Designed to lock into spill pallet grating for stable drum storage and are ideal for chemical storage and dispensing. Shelf attaches easily, allows for filling multiple containers at once and can be moved with a forklift.

Horizontal Drum Stacking Systems

Elements and Options:

  • Base: Single, Double or multi-drum spill containment pallets/platforms.
  • Cradle(s) is the 1st level horizontal drum unit for single or double side by side drums
  • Single Stacker, can be  mounted singly one above the 1st level cradle or side by side doubles mounted cradle systems.
  • Double stacker is the second level side by side drum (total of 4 drums) system.
  • Optional 2nd level Shelf is utilized for dispensing liquids

Meets EPA Secondary Containment storage Requirements (40 CFR 264.175)


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