Steel and Polyethylene Salvage Drums

A Salvage Drum is an outer container used for shipping a leaking, damaged or non-compliant drum containing hazardous materials.

Steel Salvage Drums

Salvage Drums are designed to contain packages of hazardous materials that are damaged, defective, or found leaking. The drums are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) under 49 CFR 173.3 (c). If a company or shipper has a leaking package of hazardous material, sorbents or rags used on a spill or leak, and they wish to ship them across public roads, they must use a Salvage Drum under the restrictions of 173.3 (c). The Salvage Drum is larger than the leaking package allowing the leaking package to be placed inside the Salvage Drum for safe shipment to a disposal or treatment facility. The Salvage Drum must be compatible with the lading in the leaking package. Shipments that do not follow the DOT Hazardous Materials regulations are shipping illegally and could face fines, typically $250.00 – $25,000.00 per violation, levied by the DOT.

Salvage Drums can be made of steel, polyethylene, aluminum or metal and must pass, at a minimum, standard UN performance requirements for drums shipping solids as well as a 3 psi air leak proof test. If a drum meets the requirements as stipulated by DOT under 49 CFR 173.3 (c), then it is to be marked with the appropriate UN markings, proper shipping name of the material, name and address of the consignee, and the words “Salvage Drum.” It is illegal to omit these markings from Salvage Drums prepared in accordance with 173.3 (c).


Steel open head salvage drum is constructed of high quality carbon steel and meets the UN design type requirements. Standard salvage drums feature yellow bodies with yellow or red covers, with a multilingual salvage drum logo in red. Available salvage drum options include 3/4″ vent plugs and corrosion resistant epoxy phenolic lining.

  • Capacity: 5–110 US Gallons
  • Steel Thickness, (20–16 gauge)
  • UN Solids, liquids, dual and T-rated
  • Closures: Bolt style or Lever lock

65 Gallon Salvage Drum


  • Capacity: 14 Gallon to 95 Gallon
  • Closures – Screw Top, Lever lock and Bolt Ring
  • Blow- molded HDPE Chemical and Weather Resistant
  • HDPE Incinerates Completely
  • UN Certified
  • Approved for use with Packing Groups I,II, and III
  • UV Protection Package
  • UL 94HB Flammability Rating
  • Nestable for Ideal Storage


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