Secure Safe Drum Storage

Vertical Safe Storage

Vertical Safe Storage

Drum Storage Safety Cabinets from Clean It Up keep 55 gallon drums close to your work area and safely contain flammable liquids or hazardous waste. Our drum cabinets give you the choice between horizontal or vertical drum storage. The vertical cabinets are available for one or two drums and feature a convenient half shelf for additional storage space for accessories or containers. Drum storage cabinets come with drum supports and Haz-Drum cabinets include drum rollers for easy drum handling. Model 1957 drum cabinet ramp makes loading and unloading much easier. Cabinets come with large FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY and HAZARDOUS WASTE labels. Compliance: NFPA Code 30 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106(d)(3)

Types of  Yellow Safety Storage Cabinets

Horizontal Safe Drum Storage

Horizontal Safe Drum Storage

One Drum 2 Door Vertical – Manual-Closing

One Drum 2 Door Horizontal – Manual-Closing

Two Drum 2 Door Vertical – Manual-Closing

One Drum  2 Door Vertical – Self-Closing

One Drum 2 Door Horizontal – Self-Closing

Two Drum 2 Door Vertical – Self-Closing

Outdoor Safety Lockers


Fire Rated Lockers

To promote safe storage, handling, and disposal practices that minimize contamination of hazardous chemicals, while reducing worker exposure to hazards and injuries. Proper chemical storage not only reduces poison risks, fires, chemical spills or other accidents that affect our environment and communities, but also prevents costly fines. Insurance carriers require safe chemical storage practices to be put into place before granting or renewing policies.

If you have questions about any of our line of Outdoor Safety Lockers, or if you have custom needs not accommodated in our regular offering, contact us.

Locker Storage Types

Agri-Chemical Lockers

Agri-Chemical Lockers

Non-Combustible: Rugged, code compliant steel lockers for the safe outdoor storage of 55-gallon (200-liter) hazardous chemical drums

Agri-Turf: Durable, weather-resistant lockers designed for the storage of herbicide, fertilizer, pesticide, and other hazardous chemicals used in turf-management and agricultural applications.

2-Hour Fire -Rated Lockers:Designed to be placed near existing structures and/or property set-backs, 2-hour fire-rated lockers provide a safe yet convenient storage solution for 55-gallon (200-liter) drums.

4-Hour Fire-Rated Lockers:Designed to be placed within close proximity of existing structures and/or property set-backs, 4-hour fire-rated lockers provide a safe yet convenient storage solution for 55-gallon (200-liter) drums.

Optional Accessories: Customize outdoor safety lockers to meet specific applications with a variety of features and accessories


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