Locking Tank Funnel

Open Top IBC Funnel

At Clean It Up we work jointly to develop  strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to interact collaboratively to find best available technology solutions to operational challenges. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how we can help and serve  your business.

Challenge: A national industrial environmental company helping customers solve their most complex environmental challenges was serving an oil industry customer with on-site Ibc’s (275 gallon totes) and tanks used to capture oils. The customer required a product solution that would keep out rain and also locked to prevent contamination.

Company staff contacted drew up a schematic for a proposed solution evidently not  available on the market, and could be customized and be shipped in a reasonable time frame.

Solution: Engineers discovered our IBC Funnels on the web and contacted Clean It Up for discussions. We quickly evaluated and presented our products best suited for this application, met all the requirements and provided the security required in this field application and could be produced and delivered within the time frame needed.

Result: Customers engineers agreed and approved the proposed solutions. an initial order was placed. Products were produced, shipped and delivered on time and under budget. A second larger order was placed shortly after receiving the initial shipment and the solution completely meets the customers requirements.

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