Roll Off Drawstring Container Liners Keep Industrial Liners In Place & Help Close Liners After Loading.

drawstring-liner-truckPremium polyethylene drawstring container liners utilize a unique design to keep the liner in place, even under extreme conditions. Drawstring container liners are great for encapsulating special waste streams after loading.

Drawstring Liners can be utilized in rolloff containers, end dump trailers, rail gondolas, and lugger boxes. Custom liners can be made to fit almost any application.

Securing the liner with the drawstring eliminates the problem of the liner falling into the container while filling or in adverse conditions. No clips, tape, or tie-downs are required to keep the liner in place.

Drawstring Liners provide additional advantages. The unique drawstring feature can be used after loading as a way to close off the liner and encapsulate special waste streams.

Typically used in dry material applications.

Note: Our drawstring liners are  woven and sewn, please consider using a plastic liner along with this woven liner either inside or outside of the woven liner to ensure leak protection where water may be an issue.


  • Made of Woven Coated Polyethylene
  • Standard stock liners are for 22 ft. containers
  • Stock liners are available in side heights of 8, 10 and 12 feet high
  • Liners are packaged in bundles of 5 per bundle

Contact us for special size applications


  • Various liner sizes and thickness available
  • Different drawstring colors available to decipher sizes easily
  • Huge inventory for quick shipping
  • Custom sizes welcomed


  • E-Z installation
  • Drawstring design to keep the liner in place providing excellent leak protection
  • Reinforced polyethylene providing superior tear and burst resistance
  • Reduced washout costs
  • Odor and freeze control
  • Extended container life
  • Helps meet regulations

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