At Clean It Up we work jointly to develop  strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to interact collaboratively to find best available technology solutions to operational challenges. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how we can help and serve  your business.

Challenge: A regional custom chemical solutions provider required special black polyethylene containers with specific removable lid requirements

The customer indicated that a solution for this seasonal application would significantly increase the value of their offerings to the end user by simplifying set-up and usage in the field and  increase the dealers profitability with this line of products.

Solution: Working in collaboration with the dealer and our manufacturing partners, it was determined that custom production of special lids could be combined with a specific line of black 55 gallon UN Rated HDPE drums for a complete finished package, satisfying everyone involved.

The new system required the dealer commit to a minimum quantity requirement annually, a commitment by we and our manufacturing partners to continue production as required to meet this demand well into the future.

Result: The entire process begun near the end of the season was completed, produced and in the dealers stock in time for the following season.This entire package was also instrumental in opening up a new and expanding line of product offerings for end users internationally

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