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Drainable Bulk Bags In Use

Using drainable bulk bags

Drainable or Dewatering Bulk Bags occupy a special narrow category in the arena of FIBC Bulk Bags and the broad ranges of specific dewatering products such as Dewatering Liners, Sediment bags and more.

Stock Bags: Our two most popular Drainable Bulk Bags are 35″ x 35″ x 35″ with a Duffle Top and Plain Bottom and our 36″ x 36″ x 42″ with a Spout Top and Spout Bottom.

Both of these standard or stock styles meet the broad needs of most industrial dewatering applications. For other size and special needs, we offer “Custom” production. Custom may have purchase minimums and lead times for production.

Due to the special weave nature of our Drainable Bulk Bags and how they are woven, we are limited to a maximum size of 42 inches. Under that size, we can accommodate most special sizes and required styles.

How To Use: Our Drainable Bulk Bags are in broad use in a wide range of industrial dewatering jobs throughout the U.S. Our recommendation is always that you bring in one or a few to test and evaluate for your specific application.

Safe Handling: These Drainable Bulk Bags are maximum weight rated at 2205 lbs. Even partially filled, the weights demands cautious handling. Using products like fork lift mounted bulk bag lifters and bulk bag fill racks the task of filling lifting and moving or transporting can be performed safely and easily.

Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guidelines

Complete Bulk Bag Details

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