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HD Bulk Bag Lifter

How to Safely Handle Bulk Bags

This presentation is intended as a very brief overview for handling and transporting Bulk Bags Safely. It is absolutely essential that every operator or handler of filled, filling or moving of bulk bags  be trained and educated frequently on safe handling procedures. There are many online resources available. Just one source is shown here.

FIBCA: flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association – Resource Center

FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines (pdf)

FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines Poster (english)

Over 35 million Bulk bags, were used in the US Last year. FIBC’s (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), Bulk Bags, Super Bags, Big Bags, Jumbo Totes, Flexi Totes, etc. The use of FIBC bags is on an almost a vertical rise in usage. While bulk bags offer ergonomic advantages, the proliferation in bulk bag use has created a new class of safety issues. Due to the significant weights (in some cases over 2 tons) the results of these incidents can be catastrophic.

A tag is required to be attached to bulk bags used in the US. This tag should always be checked for items like capacity (weight rating) and other handling guidelines. Most will include pictographs and examples of the do’s and don’ts of bag handling.

Bulk Bag Loading Rack

FIBC Handling Equipment Examples

Examples shown here are designed to show just a very small example of bulk bag equipment for same handling of FIBC’s.

Bulk Bag Lifters: These Include conveyor stations for high volume applications, independent floor mounted single fill rack and broad ranges of equipment for safe handling.

Bulk Bag Dump Stations: Includes bag bottom cutters. Dumping and dust control and ranges of products and equipment for safe and effective bulk bag dumping.

Bulk Bag Dischargers: Also referred to as bulk bag unloaders, FIBC unloaders and FIBC dischargers, are offered in numerous frame configurations, types and styles.

Bulk Bag Fillers: Also known as FIBC fillers.  Range from basic stand-alone units to sophisticated systems to match economical fill and capacity requirements of each application. Each of these configurations delivers optimum performance.

Weigh Batching Systems: When you are sourcing material from bulk bags, silos, manual dumping stations, process equipment or other applications.  weigh batching one material or 50,filling containers, and/or delivering it to process vessels, packaging lines, or any other destination, systems are readily available to handle any application.

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