Safety Sorbents

Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent In Use For Over 40 Years!

The safest and most cost effective method to cleanup small and large oil spills and drips is with Safety Sorbent. Unlike other granular sorbents, Safety Sorbent is instant acting immediately soaking up liquids for quick pick up leaving a completely dry, safe floor. Available in a broad range of sizes, from Carton Size to Super Sacks to meet every application.

With common clay type granular sorbents, it’s commonplace to just throw down the sorbent and leave it and walk it in. All this does is create a unsightly and dangerous mess on the floor. A real slip accident waiting to happen. Safety Sorbent is an excellent traction agent.

When using sorbent pads & rolls, when you pick them up a small amount of Safety Sorbent will finish the job and completely dry the floor.

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Clean It Up offers numerous types of Granular Sorbents

Super Sorbent: A physically expanded and lighter version of Safety Sorbent that is 4-6 times more absorbent, lighter weight and also available in a broad variety of sizes. Typically used in non windy conditions due to it’s lightweight structure. An excellent traction agent.

Odor Neutralizing Sorbent

  • Scented Sorbent: A fresh Neutralizing absorbent used for odorous liquid
  • Fresh Sorbent is ideal for use on liquids causing an unpleasant odor. Instant action, absorbs and reduces vapors
  • Neutralizes odors on contact and leaves a pleasant cherry or wintergreen scent
  • Easy to use and comes in three convenient containers (re-sealable shaker jar, pail or box container)
  • Excellent at absorbing vomit and odorous liquids quickly and effectively. Works on all surfaces.

May be used to soak up non-aggressive liquid spills overcoming any odors in the process. It will absorb up to 8 times its own weight.

Fluid Loc: Absorbs up to 250 Times its own weight. The 3Lb shaker carton will encapsulate up to 98 gallons of water or other aqueous fluids. Available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of each application.

Granular Neutralizers: Neutralizing, Indicating Sorbents provide a color change indication when in contact with acidic or basic liquids. This color changes again when a safe PH range has been achieved. What makes our Neutralizers really stand out from other neutralizers are.

  • Safe to use, buffered compound reduces volatile vapors and heat
  • Sorbent compound makes clean up easy and a snap!
  • No sticky hard to cleanup mess as experienced with straight neutralizers
  • Complete solidification of all hazardous constituents

We offer three types of neutralizers: Acid Safe Granular for acids, Acid Safe Battery Wash and the Universal Neutralizing Sorbent.            Learn more about neutralizers here

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