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Acid Neutralizer

Acid Neutralizer

In chemistry, neutralization is a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base react to form a saltWater is frequently, but not necessarily, produced as well. Neutralizations with Arrhenius acids and bases always produce water where acid–alkali reactions produce water and a metal salt.

Often, neutralization reactions are exothermic (the enthalpy of neutralization). For example, the reaction of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. However, there is also endothermic neutralization, an example is the reaction between sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and acetic acid (vinegar).

Neutralization reactions do not necessarily imply a resultant pH of 7.[1] The resultant pH will vary based on the strength of the acid and base reactants.

Soda Ash

An easy to pour powdery neutralizer. A soluble product that like sugar in water melts to form a syrupy like consistency and seen to be tough to clean up. May produce heat and bubbling acidic hazardous vapors during neutralization.

Offers little absorbency. And does not have a color indicator showing when neutralization is complete.

When mixed with acids, is soluble and may become gummy or create a slurry, making it difficult to clean up. Normally comes in 50 lb. bags.

Sodium Bicarbonate 

An easy to use granular product but not an absorbent and does not include a color indicator when fully neutralized.

Also used like Soda Ash and Lime, but not a complete system for acid spills where absorbency is required and clean up is a challenge.


An easy to use white crystalline powdery product and similar characteristics as Soda Ash.

Offers little absorbency, and does not have a color indicator showing when neutralization is complete.

Acid Neutralizers and Absorbents

Fast, safe and efficient method to neutralize, absorb and address acid spills. Powder form incorporates a buffer, solidifiers and color indicator (powder form ph indicator) to show when neutralizing is complete. Not for use with Hydrofluoric or HF Compounds.

Available in:


Pillows and Socks

2 lb. shaker cartons

20 lb. pails

80 lb. pails

55 gallon drums

Bulk Bags

Liquids (Battery Wash)

32 oz Spray Bottle

1 Gallon

5 Gallon

55 Gallon

Universal Neutralizing Sorbent

Excellent for “Hydroflouric Acids”

1/2 Gallon

5 Gallon Pail

10 Lb. Bag

25 lb. Bag

55 Gallon Drum

UNS (Universal Neutralizing Sorbent) is safe to use on all liquids. The perfect solution for unknown liquid spills. Helps to identify the liquid with color indicators showing if the liquid is a base or an acid. UNS will neutralize both bases and acids minimizing vapors and solidify the liquid. When neutralized UNS will color indicate when a safe PH range has been reached.Also available in Complete Spill Response Kits for plant operations personnel as part of the overall spill contingency planning for your operations. Additional products and solutions are available.

*Complete product sheet for neutralizing absorbent available upon request.

Note: Testing and evaluation of spill response products are always recommended as acid concentrations, spill quantities and other factors may impact the specific spill outcome at your facility.

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