Roll Off Dumpster Tarps, Tarp Kits and Fitted Covers

Clean It Up offers Tarp and Roll Off Container Kits and Accessories Designed to resist wind and rain for long-term use.

  • Great for network transformers, engines, small vehi-cles, building supplies or any large piece of equipment.
  • Also excellent for use with containment pallets and decks.
  • A simple tool handy for spill response and decontamination.
  • Excellent UV inhibitors resist the effects of harsh weather.
  • Designed to resist wind and rain for long-term use.

Partial Product Description

  • Stock Complete Tarp Kits and Custom Tarp Kits
  • Roll off tarp with  and without pockets
  • Tarp Bows and Metal Holders
  • Straps and Bungees
  • 10.5’ x 25’ Fitted Front Tarp
  • 10.5’ x 25’ Lay Flat Tarp
  • Trash Tarp (12’ x 26’)
  • Lumber Tarp 4’ Drop (16’ x 26’ x 4’)
  • Lumber Tarp 6’ Drop (20’ x 27 x 6’)
  • Lumber Tarp 8’ Drop (24.5 ’ x 27’ x 8.5’)
  • Lumber Tarp 8’ Drop 3 pcs (24.5 ’ x 16’ x 8’)
  • Steel Tarp (16’ x 25’)
  • Steel Tarp (16’ x 27’)
  • Gaskets Wide Handle Ratchets
  • Chain Ratchet Binders

Tarp Kit: 1-Tarp, 1-Roll-Pipe, 5– Bows, 3– 2” Ratchets, 1 Fixed Pipe, 3– Tarp Stops, 10– Bungee Straps, 1– Crank Handle, 3– U-Clamps, 3 3” x 5’ Tarp Straps.

For custom sizes please call for availability and pricing.

IBC Contain and Cover

  IBC Pull Over Cover

Cover keeps rainwaterout of the sump and helps comply with Stormwater Management Regulations. Ideally used with an IBC Spill containment System

Dumpster Rain Cap Cover

Roll Off Container Raincap Covers offer an economical tarping solution for waste containers.

  • Cost effective weather protection
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Ideal for 20, 22 and 24 ft. containers and lugger boxes
  • Drawstring affords a secure fit. Bungee capable.
Dumpster Rain Cap Cover

Dumpster Rain Cap Cover

Spill Pallet Cover

Spill Pallet Cover

  2 and 4 Drum Spill Pallet Tarps

  • Clean It Up Tarps and covers help prevent contamination of drums and sumps areas.
  • Permits easy visual inspection
  • Keeps rainwater, debris and other contaminants out
  • Elastic botton of tarp with adjustable straps
  • Document Pouch


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