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Bulk Container Liners

Clean It Up offers liners for sea containers, radiant barrier systems for temperature fluctuation control, freight protection and specialty liners for most of your applications requiring high level protection of products.

Dry Bulk Container Liners are a key component of the Bag-in-Box (BiB) method for transporting and storing dry bulk materials. The use of box containers for bulk logistics provides a number of cost, quality and flexibility benefits over other forms of transport. After discharging, the container liner is simply removed and disposed of.

Ssupported on the inside by baffles and on the outside by straps. This Special Liner is designed for the flexible bulkhead strapping system to bear the maximum burden of the lading with no need for steel bars or corrugated bulkheads. This liner is used in export containers, for going over the road, or ocean shipping.

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  • Cargo Care- Temp Management – Protects heat and cold sensitive products, powders, liquids, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and durable goods from severe temperature fluctuations during transit.
  • Freight Protection Liner – Prevents contamination of container contents by keeping salt, dirt, dust, smells and other contaminates that leak into container from contacting various types of freight.
  • Enviro-Shield Thermal Protection – Thermal protection for wine and other products sensitive to temperature.
Enviroshield Liners
Fluidizing Liner
Conductive Liners

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