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Black Box Interior

Keys To Efficient
Liquid Handling
The Black Steel Boxes

Clean It Up’s Black Box is Steel Perfection

Our Fully Customizable liquid handling solution is disguised as a multi-function liquid drain box. Designed for a very broad array of applications.




  • Inside Dimensions: 14 inches x 14 inches (dimensions may vary slightly)
  • Color: Black as standard (custom colors available – minimums may apply)
  • 2 inch NPT center mounted drain pipe extends above bottom of box for use with nozzles or other liquid drain devices and also below the base for extending into tanks and also screwing into 2 inch drum bungs.
  • Powder Coated for durable paint life.
  • Lid extends securely over and down the top lip and tightly connects with locking hasp
  • Solid steel hasp acomodates most high security and standard locks
  • Solid, flat steel base ensures a safe and secure mounting on any container or tank


What can we build for you?

The Steel IBC Funnel Shown Below is our standard size model and is an excellent tool for easily pouring oils, greases and other liquids into an “Intermediate Bulk Container”. Plus, it is fully customizable.                     See Main IBC Funnels Page

Options to consider

  • Flush or offset center drain
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom design features
  • Lid with opening features
  • Drain spout sizes
  • Higher sides and ends
  • Length and width options

See IBC Funnel Products

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