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How To Select The Right Industrial Wipers


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The downside of Shop Rags or Cloths

Rags are considered less absorbent if made of synthetics (non-cotton) materials. The downside of laundered cloths can be large differences in performance efficiency as they can be sluggish in absorbing without smearing.

Disadvantages of rags over disposable wipes (Why):
1. Rags are generally less absorbent especially if they are made of a non-cotton material, while laundered cloths often smear liquids, grease and oil, instead of absorbing them.
2. There are high hidden costs involved in the collection, counting and storage of laundered cloths.

Test and evaluate in side by side comparison to reach best overall performance for your operational and facilities requriements.

How to steps in selecting the right industrial wipers

Industrial cleaning wipers

Degreasing / Machinery cleaning wipes
When it comes to industrial applications, choosing the right wipe for the job can make an enormous difference in terms of performance, efficiency and economy. Rags and laundered cloths were once the all-purpose solution for wiping dirt and oils from equipment and hands. Convenient disposable wipes are now widely recognized as the preferred alternative.

Selecting the right wiper

The first step is visiting what the wiper is being used for, what is the application they will be used for? Maybe able to look at what has been used in the past, what worked and what didn’t. If ,for example you saw too much lint, the remedy may bea a low-lint wiper when looking at the demand of the job. DRC Wipers are the most common, but this wiper is not always the ultimate for every application.

Heavy-duty Wipers have added strength for heavy scrubbing and may also be used for final dusting, rubbing or polishing.

Keep in mind that wipers are not the most highly absorbent product available. There are more highly absorbent products for that requirement of soaking up large quantities of liquids or spills. for that, use something like an absorbent pad or roll and finish up with a wiper.

Wipers are an excellent way to clean up, wipe off and more. Some items to consider when testing and evaluating wipers for your operation.

Low-Lint: For printing applications or work with electronics, select a low-lint

Absorbing: For general wiping needs, perhaps light applications where little liquids are present.

Moist & no liquid present: What are you wiping? Is it a rough surface with sharp edges that cn catch on the wiper. Select a high strength wiper.

What liquids will the wiper be exposed to? Knowing the types of liquids your selected wiper will be most exposed to will help us to assist you in selecting the best wipers where solvents, industrial grade cleaners, paints and finishes are present.

There is a best wiper for every application. the number of wipers and types can be dizzying.

The Right wiper for each and every industrial and commercial application.

Clean It Up DRC

The most popular general purpose wipe on the market Soft outer layer with a highly absorbent inner layer Quickly absorbs liquid, oil or lubricant Strong enough to use as a general maintenance wipe Will handle most solvents Soft enough for use on hands and face as a personal care wipeProKnit Wipes.

 Clean It Up ProKnit Wipes

Our strongest wiper yet The strength of hydro-entangled nonwoven wipes in light and medium duty weights Our Clean It Up ProKnit wipes are designed with the durability to resist most solvents CIU-00057 series for economy use and 00076 for general use

Clean It Up ProKnit 00077 and 00078 series wipes are designed for the toughest jobs The hydro-entangled nonwoven wipers will resist most solvents Designed to withstand rough surfaces Strong enough for all day use.

Clean It Up Scrim

Nylon webbing “scrim” sandwiched between multiple layers of tissue for added strength Perfect for cleaning glass and other surfaces without lint residue Durable when wet Strong enough for grease and oil, yet soft enough not to scratch most surfaces.

 Clean It Up Spunlace

The right choice for critical lint sensitive wiping applications Heavy cellulose content provides excellent absorbency while the nonwoven substrate provides extra strength and durability No chemical binders to break down in solutions Naturally low in lint Ideal for electronics, computers and hydraulic equipment.

All of our wiper product lines are deep, broad and extensive.

Contact us to discuss your specific application, we’ll work with you until the right product is selected by you to be the solution for your operations.

Wipers and Absorbents

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