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Compact Chemical Storage And Transfer System

New, modular system can be used to fill day tanks automatically with pre-conditioned polyurethane components making it easier for manufacturers to condition and automatically feed chemicals to blnding or processing equipment.

Designed for use with 275 to 330-gallon plastic chemical totes, or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), each stackable storage and transfer station is available in two designs: one optimized for isocyanate or low viscosity additives and the other optimized for polyol or high viscosity additives.

Both designs feature:

  • A framework with a small, 72-inch-by-78-inch footprint that allows you to stack one IBC above another.”
  • An angled top platform that promotes maximum use of the material from the removable, upper chemical tote.”
  • A permanent, 350-gallon, stainless steel, lower chemical tote equipped with automatic fill and a programmable alarm that notifies operators when the upper tote stops filling the lower tote.”
  • A spill containment basin.”
  • A diaphragm pump to transfer materials to a blending or metering unit. The pump can be” started and stopped automatically using a signal from that unit.”
  • A 110 VAC outlet plug.”
  • All hoses, valves, fittings and wiring.”

Each storage and transfer station also can be configured with heat exchangers, temperature control units, re-circulating pumps, air-operated agitators, and other options that may be required by the “manufacturer’s process.”

This system is ideal for additive storage and transfer to a blending unit, which makes it great for large volume chemical users who need to blend additives with polyol on site.“For low-volume chemical users, this is an economical storage and transfer solution for polyol and MDI.

The removable upper tote automatically fills the permanent lower tote, which is used to store, condition and automatically transfer chemicals to day tanks for blending or metering into the processing system.

When the upper tote is empty, it can be replaced easily while the lower tote continues to feed the processing system. An alarm notifies the operator when the lower tote stops receiving material from the upper tote, reducing the possibility that blending or metering units will have to be shut down to change a tote.

The system is delivered in easy to assemble modules. “The modular construction also enables us to provide economically efficient individual solutions.

For more complete specifications, drawings, sample system quote and more , call or email us.


Product Note: The steel frame and 400 gallon floor level yellow containment system are available as a separate Compact Chemical Storage System base componentry if required.

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