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Spill Contingency Planning

It jumps right out at you the moment you see the picture.

Wrong solution to heavy weight 55 gallon drums

Busted Spill Pallet.

  • Ok, let’s get serious. Or, as serious as you could get about a demonstration of no spill planning… What’s wrong with this scenario? Apparently, the sidewalls of this containment product are made out of Saltines. Clearly, this isn’t going to capture ANY spill.
  • Not sure if these are drums of lead or gold or kryptonite but whatever it is, it’s too heavy for Company E’s (see what I did there?) pallet.
  • Even if the sump’s walls weren’t crumbling like a sandcastle at high tide, it’s not large enough to meet the capacity requirements. That’s a 30-gallon sump with two 55-gallon drums on top of it. EPA regulations would require at least 55 gallons of containment.
  • Fortunately for you, we offer a much better solution… The our 2 drum spill containment unit. “But, what makes this a much better solution?” you ask? Good timing because I would like to detail that.
  • It’s strong/heavy-duty – The 2 drum plus unit is like the Dwayne Johnson of spill pallets. It’s strong and well engineered and constructed and it gets the job done day in and day out. You could say that it’s the “hardest worker in the room”. Like our other spill solution products, this pallet is rotationally-molded. A molding process that is much stronger than the one used for the pallet in the photo. It meets regulations – The sixty-six (66) gallon sump meets the EPA and SPCC requirements.
  • It laughs at kryptonite – With a weight capacity of 4,500 lbs., 55-gallon drums of whatever are no match for the Spill Pallet 2 Drum.

So there you have it. All the reasons (or reason enough) that the 2 Drum Spill Pallet is the right solution for this situation.

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