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Disposable Filtration Products Used in Waste Containers for Liquid-Sludge Separation


Dewatering Container Roll Off System

Filter/Dewatering Bags and Liners from Clean It Up are a simple solution to the tough problem of separating liquid from sludge solids when used with waste containers, more commonly known as dumpsters and roll off containers and dewatering boxes. The most popular sizes are available from stock for immediate shipment, or custom sizes can be manufactured to specific requirements. Easy installation into the roll off container takes only a few minutes.

Dewatering liners are specially designed to separate the liquid from the solids and are single use and disposable at the disposal site. Different types of woven and non-woven materials are used. Typical Industry Standard Materials to Consider are: Non-Woven Cloth Filter Media that are commonly 3.5oz ,4 oz, and 6oz. Screen Mesh Filter Media is also often used to arrive at a 250 micron rating. Unique applications may require special materials.

One of the most commonly used dewatering liners is a 20-30 yd – 3.5oz (130 micron) cloth filter bag for standard or turbo dewatering containers. There are other and numerous selections of materials, weight and more to get to the best possible solution for your specific application.


Issues to consider:

  • Dimensions of dewatering container
  • Micron rating needed (if not known, a simple test on this just below)
  • Sludge material being dewatered
  • Are you using a tarp to cover the load during transportation of dewatered sludge?
  • Will you be wrapping the load with increased side height of dewatering liner?
  • Will you be hooking/securing the liner inside or outside the dewatering container?


  • There’s a simple test to determine the closest micron rating needed. Use samples of liner material(s) placed over a 5 gallon pail, pour sludge over the material to test and evaluate if this specific micron rating will provide the performance required.
  • Once a specific filtration media is selected, and if time permits, install a full size liner to be certain this meets the requirements for the application.
  • Also see “Industrial Liners” and roll off liners section on our main website

Containers used in broad ranges of almost every type of application are also known as Phase separators, Dewatering Roll off containers, Dewatering boxes, Dewatering roll-offs, or Haz Dewatering boxes and by other product names.

These containers provide a singular method for separating and dewatering sludges, slurries and waste streams. De-watering boxes are frequently a 20/25 or 30 yard capacity roll-off container specifically equipped with steel mesh screens for ease of  dewatering sludge, clarification of liquids and phased separation of various elements. The material can be pumped or conveyed by other means into the roll-off container filter for liquid and solids separation. Liquid drains through the liner filter media  through the container screen media and out of the container via drainage ports and valves.

Sludge dewatering containers are available in a very broad range of sizes, features and special shapes plus much more.

Industrial Apps:

  • Dewatering sludge
  • Enabling disposal at authorizing landfills
  • Recovering separated materials
  • Clarifying the watery phase
  • Dewatering grit and screenings at specialty treatment plants
  • Dewatering sludge materials at power plants
  • Dewatering pond sludge
  • Storm water sludge runoff

Dewatering Container Liners – Filter Bags

Dewatering Container Liners from Clean It Up are form-fitted filter bags used in dewatering containers during

High Volume Dewatering Container

High Volume Dewatering Container

solid/liquid separation of sludges. Liners are standard and custom manufactured to accommodate the various shapes and styles of dewatering containers in use today.

Transportation and disposal costs are reduced by minimizing waste streams on site before transfer. Disposable filter bag and retained solids are ready for disposal after dewatering, thus eliminating further solidification costs.

Many sizes are stocked  to ensure fast delivery times. Various cloth and screen mesh filter options are available to achieve desired flow rates and micron levels.



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