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Keys To Selecting Bulk Bags | FIBC’s

Standard and Custom Bulk Bags are among our specialties. We’ll ask a lot of questions to be certain we understand your specific application.

Key Questions Regarding Bulk Bags:

  • What is the material going into the Bulk Bag: So we’ll know the general parameters for the FIBC.
  • What is the Bulk Density of the material: Lbs.per cubic foot to right size the bag and match to safety factors. (quiksearch: Web search for Bulk Density Material Chart, many are available)

Additional Details

  • Is this material Hazardous. Reference link to Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49 CFR Parts 100-185)
  • Particle Size: Fine Medium or Coarse.
  • Market Segment (Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, etc)
  • Moisture Percentage:
  • Special Barrier Required: (i.e. hydroscopic?)
  • Characteristics: (free flowing, bridging, static build up)
  • Monthly Volume to be Shipped:
  • How is the Product Currently Packaged:
  • FIBC Options: =Coated or Uncoated fabric, Fabric weight to meet safety factor:

FIBC Design | Filling

  • Batch Size:________________________Desired Weight Per FIBC:___________
  • Filling Method: (i.e.conveyor, gravity, Bulk Bag filler)
  • Details on Area Where FIBC will be Filled (ceiling clearance, dusty, static concerns)
  • Automated FIBC Filling Equipment Desired:
  • Fork Lift Maximum Load at Filler:
  • How is the Product Currently Filled:
  • Sizing Restrictions | Constraints:
  • FIBC Filling Options: Open Top, Spout Top (Spout Dimensions: i.e.14″ dia. x 18″ long), Duffle Top, Conical Top.

FIBC Design | Discharging

  • Batch Size at Discharger:                                               Controlled discharge  desired:________
  • Discharge Method (i.e. gravity, screw, conveyor, bottom cut, full dump):
  • Details on area where FIBC will be Discharged (clearance, manual, etc)
  • Fork Lift Maximum Load at Discharger:
  • How is the Product Currently Discharged:
  • FIBC Discharge Options: Flat Bottom, Spout Bottom (Spout Dimensions: i.e. 14″ dia. x 18″ long)

FIBC Handling | Storage | Shipping

  • Top Lift Feature:   4 Point Lift, Single Point Lift, Cross Corner Loops.
  • Transporting: Slip Sheet, 4 Way Pallet, 2 FIBCs | Pallet
  • Shipping Distance: Inter-plant, Overseas, Cross Country.
  • Shipping Method: Rail, Flat Bed Truck, Other.
  • Racking System: Yes, No………..if Yes,Racking Dimensions:
  • FIBC Options: Self Standing Loops, Secondary Loops, Pallet Free Standing, or other.

FIBC Options | Inner Lining

  • Will Coated Fabric be Sufficient: Yes, No.
  • Liners Styles: Form Fit, Straight Tube.
  • Liner Inserting: Tabbed, Loose, Glued, Sewn in Wings.
  • Liner Film:                                             Barrier: (Oxygen, Moisture, UV,Conductive__________
  • FIBC Options: Sift Proof Seams, Coated, Uncoated, Breathable Fabric, or other.

FIBC Options

  • Printing: 1 Side, 2 Sided, Black and white, or Color.
  • Labeling | Product Identification:  Full Details.
  • Colored Fabric:
  • Pallet Preference:
  • Cross Contamination Concerns:
  • Other Special Considerations: (i.e.  Metal detection, FDA approved materials, etc)


Complete Bulk Bags Details

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